Painting Experience with Kristina Barrick


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Join Kristina in her London, Crouch End studio to enjoy a day exploring painting in abstract impressionist style and gesture. Kristina’s pieces are vibrant, emotive and textured, inspired by nature and the metaphysical world. She has a passion for depicting plant life and moving water, both real and abstract. Working predominantly with acrylic on canvas and often incorporating liquid metal into her work, Kristina doesn’t shy away from experimentation. She will go beyond paintbrush and palette knife and use whatever is to hand to create the desired effect. Kristina has also developed a technique whereby she incorporates PVA glue into her work to enhance texture and create a unique effect in the paint. A mentor of David Jaffe, previous Senior Curator of the National Gallery, and David Moss, Art Philosopher and abstract artist based in Froome, Somerset. Kristina strongly believes that everybody has creativity and artistic talent within them, it just needs unlocking. Your experience will involve practical teachings of methods, as well as discussion and exploration of you as a unique individual – which will be translated on to the canvas you create. At the end of the session you will have a painting which will be delivered to you when dry and varnished (acrylic: two weeks, oil: six months).

Monday – Sunday 10am – 4pm (to be arranged at a mutually convenient date between the client and the artist)

You must be aged 16 years or over to take part in this experience.

Experience Duration: 5h
Time at Venue: 5hrs
Lunch and light refreshments Included

Participants:1 adult.
Max Group Size: 1-2
Spectators Allowed on Site: On request

Crouch End

Please wear something you don’t mind getting paint on, and bring a change of clothes to go home in. Some Materials will be included discuss further with the artist prior your experience.

This class should not be affected by the weather.