Painting Experience with Renata Kopac


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Join Renata at her beautiful London studio to learn how you can express yourself and your feelings through abstract painting. Renata works using various colours, stroke techniques and tones as well as different shapes. “Sometimes I create paintings that are sensitive and fragile; sometimes they are pure and simple. I think that almost anyone is capable of producing a pure work of art but in order to do so, they must stay true to themselves”

This experience will leave you relaxed and truly indulged in the world of painting and exploring the contrasting colours and the playfulness of life itself. In a way, you may get close to representing the complex interrelationship between your imagination, reality and its interpretation, heightening the tension between the simplicity of forms and the complexity of ideas behind them.

This experience is available on Saturdays only

You must be aged 16 years or over to take part in this experience.

Experience Duration: 5hrs
Time at Venue: 5hrs
This is a full day experience. Tea, Coffee and Lunch is included.

Participants: The Painting Experience is for 1 adult.
Max Group Size: 1-2
Spectators Allowed on Site: On request
This is a private art class where you will receive one to one tuition from Renata Kopac
If you would like to bring a spectator along, please request this upon booking.

42 Copperfield Road
E3 4RR

Comfortable clothing is encouraged. All materials, apron, oil paints, brushes and canvas/paper are included.
Disabled access available

This experience should not be affected by the weather.