Build, decorate and fly your own kite with Laura Williams




Join artist, kite flyer and paraglider Laura Melissa Williams in her London art studio and a local London park for this fun and interactive day, designed to get your creativity flowing. During this experience you’ll assemble, design and create your own unique flying artwork. We’ll then head to a local park to have a go at flying it! Laura will also capture your adventures on camera, so you have pictures to remember the day by or share on social media.


Kite flying is great fun and good for you – it’s an amazing way to bond with others, relieve stress, experience nature and with the wind in your hair and sun in your face (fingers crossed!) it’s naturally therapeutic. Once you’ve flown your kite you’ll be able to hang it pride of place in your home – they’re a great talking point and look fabulous hung from the ceiling or on a wall.


Laura has flown kites for over 15 years. Her journey started with power kites (large kites ranging from 3 meters to 8 meters) – flying them on deserted beaches in the North of England – where she called home for many years. Her obsession with the wind, nature and things that fly didn’t end there – In 2017 she finally plucked up the courage to take a big leap – literally and physically – training and qualifying as a paragliding club pilot. Since qualifying she’s flown in the UK, France and Turkey. Strapped into a portable flying machine and soaring through the air she’s learning the ‘language’ of the skies and experiencing our world from above. Her experiences kiting and paragliding have both informed her art practice – especially her Cities from Space at Night range of maps, painted in inks and bleach.


Laura is a professional international artist and published poet, who in her first year successfully sold over 30 works of art across 10 countries and 4 continents, delivered 4 art commissions and designed and delivered a large-scale mural in the reception of a blue-chip music publishing business. She is represented by two London galleries. She has advised and worked with the Affordable Art Fair and is represented by Artiq (a boutique art consultancy and art rental agency providing art in the corporate and leisure industries) – which has seen her artwork installed in corporate headquarters across London. Laura’s journey into the arts began almost 20 years ago with a Foundation Course in Art and Design and an academic background in 3D and Industrial Design. This led to a colourful career spanning 15 years working in the creative industries across systems and service design, futures, innovation and business strategy.


Her experience as both an art practitioner and a business consultant means Laura understands the wider contextual factors influencing artists, designers and business people, and the trends and forces impacting the changing world around us.



This experience is available by appointment on selected dates throughout the year.



Ages 6+

Light lunch and refreshments are provided.

Materials – including the kite and art and craft materials) provided – though feel free to provide your own too…

Basic physical fitness needed to fly your kite



Experience Duration: 6hrs (including a break for lunch)

Time at Venue: 10 am – 4 pm



Participants: 1-4 (including parent/s if children are taking this experience)

Max Group Size: 4

Spectators Allowed on Site: Parents


This activity can also be tailored to corporates – please enquire for more information.



Hackney, London (N1), followed by a trip to a park (Clissold Park, Stoke Newington or Hampstead Heath)



Comfortable clothes dependent on weather

Shoes that have a suitable grip and support for grassy, hilly, uneven terrain. Sunglasses and gloves are also useful.



Our ability to fly the kite outdoors may be affected by the weather…


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