Painting Experience with Frederick Phillips


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Join Frederick Phillips, a professional artist with over 40 years’ experience, primarily as an oil painter. Frederick has superb technical knowledge with painting in oils, he also creates beautiful drawings using Prismacolor Premier Pencils. Dedicated to the craft and tradition of oil-painting, Frederick is a painter for today who uses techniques of the past to create masterpieces of the future. His atmospheric paintings are dreamlike, glimpsed briefly as we awaken.
“Originally, I was inspired by the Surrealists, and even today my paintings are not realistic portraits of the world about me. My work is about memory; I don’t paint what I see, but the memory of what I have seen”. With Frederick you will have an amazing and enlightening day in his fantastic studio.
Tuition in Oil Painting and mastering technique. This experience would ideally be aimed at those who have some experience of painting in oils – including art school students and semi-professionals, however tuition could be oriented to those just starting out with this medium. Ideally suited to an individual who has some knowledge of composition through working in other mediums. The tuition will cover everything from selecting and stretching canvases or other painting surfaces, choosing oil paints, mixing the right painting mediums, applying paint and creating paintings that have longevity through the use of correct techniques.

This experience is available on selected dates throughout the year.

Any age
Some experience is needed
Not currently wheelchair accessible

Experience Duration: 5hrs
Time at Venue: 5hrs
This is a full day experience. Lunch is included in the studio with light refreshments. Some materials will be provided by the artist. Only the finished painting will be available to take home the materials shall remain property of the artist.

Participants: The painting experience is for 1 adult.
Max Group Size: 1-2
Spectators Allowed on Site: On request
This is a private art class where you will receive one to one tuition from Frederick Phillips. There will be no other participants in the class with you.
If you would like to bring a spectator along, please request this upon booking.

ACAVA Studios
Spode Works, Elenora Street,
Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire,
Frederick is in Studio 23.

Old clothes, apron or overalls

This painting class should not be affected by the weather.