There are people out there who have spent their lifetimes engaging with culture and all its artforms in the quest to understand the meaning behind art subjects and learn the different ways of self-expression in art. They are known to us as the artists.

In a world of their own delving into art each day they discover secrets and details of life, how we perceive the world around us and what does it all mean. These are deep thinkers, questioning and looking for answers in areas where most of us have no time to even consider. However, these areas in life surround us all and influence our every day. From images in magazines, architecture, colours and landscape, to fashion and 3D objects on our daily commute to work. Lights with shining words popping up in the evening, furniture we sit on in our favourite restaurant, the glass we drink from, the shoes we wear; all pre-thought by artists and designers – the creators of our everyday.

I believe we all have an artist within us, regardless of whether we have given it an outlet or not. Art is not only about a technical skill, it is a way of life and a way of challenging it by the way we think. Art pushes us to discover, keeps us curious, playful and ultimately keeps our minds young.

In my life as an artist I meet many people from the industry but equally as many from backgrounds where you would consider art to be far from their thoughts. Even in the most unlikely of cases we all bond over art even if the subject of conversation is “I don’t get Art”. We are all born with imagination and creative skill and we all have it as children but lose some of it along our journey to adulthood.

Different artforms suit different individuals and more so different subjects of interest suit different forms of art which allow the emotional power and beauty in our minds become a visual object.

Art Experiences is the only platform to date which connects professional artists with individuals interested to find or further develop their skills in an art field they prefer or are simply curious about. Art Experiences are not generic courses or workshops they are specifically tailored to the individual, they take place in the artists’ studio and are personal, interactive and in the majority of cases one-on-one. Art is known as a magical healer in therapy, providing a creative outlet of emotions. Businesses have proven to benefit from the creative thinking associated with art with significant stress relief and the channelling of thoughts.

The gift of a professional art experience is one that touches not just the mind and creativity of the individual, but one that leaves a permanent imprint on the soul. You are giving freedom of choice, expression, the luxury of creativity and passion, a reward of knowledge and a journey of discovery.

For the ultimate experience you can immerse yourself into the world of an Art Experiences – Art Holiday. Join one of our artists in Spain, France or even the USA for a creative break on the journey to self-discovery.

The opportunities to experience art are limitless and Art Experiences are here to offer them to you, whether you would like to enjoy a day near your home or fly half way across the world. Learning from the professional has never been so accessible and now that you have discovered us and the gateway we provide to a number of significant artists, you might just want to keep us to yourself!