“Isolate” they said, “lockdown” they said. Since when have we had such a constant flow of news which has created a fear of the term isolation in so many. Fill that empty space, create, exercise, occupy the mind. Many of our members here have used this unusual time to their advantage, to satisfy the need to enjoy and even thrive in isolation. This time was needed to contemplate and asses, to develop new ideas and bring new art to the table.

Having kept in touch with most of our wonderful artists and the work they have been producing I have once again come to the conclusion that inspiration and creativity breeds inspiration and creativity. Our minds have been challenged to accept a ‘new world order’ if only perhaps for a while. To stop moving physically from place to place and make do with what we have in our homes. For a short time,
it all came down to the bare necessities – life and death – bread and toilet roll!

This shift in our psyche delivered a tsunami of cathartic art bursting out from some of the most creative people on our planet. As some of us took a shift between styles and techniques others expanded into different subject matters. Comfort zones changed! Suddenly a new form of freedom appeared, to be and do whatever we feel is right for the now, a free pass to artistic expression was born out of the isolation and lockdown.
New creative ideas for collaboration and regrouping emerged, in many cases by the need for survival. Social media platforms exploded with art creations, artists vlogs, isolation art schools, the artist support pledge, the v-art show and many other online initiatives almost all from the minds of artists rather than businesses. Now, this is what I like to call a real revolution and a pure example that it is the artists who really matter in the art world not the institutions.

During these restricted and unpredictable times many of us have been lined up to showcase and exhibit bodies of work as Spring is often one of the busy seasons in the art world. Various galleries have moved their shows to online platforms (not quite the same thing I am sure you will agree) and many of the art fairs have postponed; artists have had no option but to find other ways to share their work and experiences.

It feels quite ironic that the lockdown happened this year when Michael Craig–Martin was going to create the RA Summer Exhibition, almost in homage to his conceptual work about absence and presence… although I don’t believe for a moment that it was going to reflect the pandemic in any way.

There is much to think about for the future of artists and their representation. Please see a few of our celebrated artists speaking live about their work on the 4th June from 6-9pm at www.v-art.show an artist led platform where you can video chat directly with the artists – Including Caroline Banks, Michael Wallner and others, where they will be welcoming you inside their home studios – a rare insight not to be missed.

Stay tuned!

*Image featured – painting by Minna George www.minnageorge.com